Why say no to cheap daycares:

Saving the cost of daycare is very tempting for most of the working parents, they negotiate very hard on this and often ignore vital signs of falling into ‘discount traps’. They often ignore the functions of economics daycare run on. Here are few points that will help parents to understand point we emphasizes on:

  • Daycare is a business, it can not run in absence of adequate profit to owner/s.

  • A perfect caregiver & child ratio is 3:1, i.e. one caregiver over thee kids, and off course an additional substitution is required in primary care giver absence. So if there are 10 kids in a daycare, there should be at least four fulltime caregivers apart from the owner.

  • Considering their minimum wages is Rs 8000-10000, the group of four caregivers will cost Rs 35- 40 K to owner.

  • Power charges: considering these 10 kids will occupy two midsize rooms, for rest and play, two ACs will cost them Rs 20 per hour, and approximately Rs. 6000 per month (in summers).

  • Deemed/Rental – An area having enough space to play and rest for ten kids will cost anything from 10-20k in metros.

If we ignore all other costs involved in running a daycare, these factors alone makes the cost of Rs 5-6k per child, where owner is making no money for herself. Giving you discounts mean you are depriving your child from these very basic requirements your child needs. The temptations to save money often blindfold us from the very basic requirement of child, leave alone the value added services. We highly recommend refraining from cheap day cares who are ready to negotiate without telling you why they can’t go beyond a certain level.